Siam Global Consulting


S.G.C. provides consulting services in four core areas – Strategy,  Marketing & Sales and Strategy Activation. Our tailored services for private equity clients include the following:

Service Sample Service Components
Sector & Target Screening
  • Develop investment theses
  • Conduct market reviews
  • Identify and screen targets
  • Coordinate transaction introductions
Commercial Due Diligence
  • Analyze market dynamics
  • Assess competitive landscape
  • Gain customer insights
  • Audit operations
  • Pressure test management forecasts
Post-Acquisition Value Capture
  • Implement strategic initiatives
  • Launch post-close value capture plans
  • Initiate integration process management
  • Deploy operational initiatives
Portfolio Company Value Growth
  • Refine strategic direction of company
  • Analyze revenue enhancement opportunities
  • Initiate cost alignment strategies
  • Provide bolt-on acquisition support
Optimize Value on Exit
  • Reassess market dynamics
  • Conduct competitive assessments
  • Validate management forecast
  • Recommend operational and strategic enhancements
  • Support Information Memorandum preparation