Siam Global Consulting

S.G.C is a global strategy consulting firm with an office in Bangkok. We counsel our clients on their key strategic issues, leveraging our deep industry expertise and using analytical rigor to help them make informed decisions more quickly and solve their toughest and most critical business problems. Moreover, we unlock opportunities of international businesses between Korea and Thailand in various sectors and markets.

Founded in Bangkok in 2017 by Ekasit Kananantakul, we now employ MBA leveled professionals worldwide. We advise and support global companies that are leaders in their industries.

Companies come to us because they know we offer the knowledge, insight and guidance they need to move forward with confidence. Our consultants deliver world-class and rigorous analysis, deep knowledge of their industries, and pragmatic solutions to produce practical, high-impact results – quickly.

Whether it’s a global pharmaceutical company evaluating its strategy in the face of an impending revenue “cliff” from loss of patent exclusivity on key products; digital, IT, Banking Service, luxury property firm and technology seeking new revenue sources in a challenging deregulated industry; or we may suggest you to invest on the luxury property firm in London and Dubai where we developed the firm with the most reliable companies and individuals, also global company repositioning its brands, our clients rely on S.G.C to help them meet their toughest challenges, and take advantage of their biggest opportunities.

Our Experiences

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